Thursday, March 31, 2011

From Loose Change to Keeping the Change...

Today I enrolled on BofA's "Keep the Change" program. I've connected my checking account to my savings account, so now, when I make a purchase, Bank of America will round up my transactions to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference (between the higher number and the actual transaction amount) into my savings account.

This service is remarkably appropriate for someone like me, who, rarely carries cash.I wonder why I hadn't taken advantage of it sooner! On the rare to occasional events when I carry cash, I dump all of my change into my piggy bank at the end of the day .

With this service, I have the cashless customer's equivalent of "dumping my change" with every transaction I make. I'm also a bit excited at the prospect of having the amount deposited into my savings account matched by BofA fo three months; afterward, they match 5% of the change that has been "kept" (who knew they could do something right? LOL!) Hello, free money!

Are you enrolled in "Keep the Change" (or an equivalent, such as "Ways to Save"?) How much money have you accumulated through these programs?

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