Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Net Worth Update

Here's this month's summary explanation:

403(b): (+489.66) A little bit of my own doing with $100+ in contributions every two weeks. I can thank the market for the rest of it.

Emergency Savings: (+0.75) Hooray for interest! Because that's the only reason why this account balance has changed any. I'll begin making regular deposits into this account once I finish paying off the car note.

Regular Brokerage Account and Roth IRA: (+84.61 and -38.34, respectively) Recently, I shared that I started making $25 deposits into my brokerage account every two weeks; this accounts for the bulk of the increase in said account. The remaining $34.61 increase is the value of my investments going up. I wish the same could be said for my Roth IRA; instead, the value of my investments in that account decreased.

Savings Account: (-74.99) At the beginning of the month, I had a nice stack in this account. Then I transferred all of it to my checking account to cover the large part of my $141.40 credit card bill (ohhhh, airfare!!!). The current balance exists because of my recurring deposits ($25/month) and interest ($0.01).


Car Loan: (+354.51) Of the $400 payment I made last month, $354.41 went towards principal. Considering my new tax realities and how I've spent "car note" money for other things, I'm on pace to eliminate my car note by the end of this July.

Credit Card: (+699.57) The $699.57 I paid to Capital One includes: my previous balance of $141.40, $48 for renewing my drivers licenses (such things are so easy to forget!), and a bunch of other things, mostly food and gas for a random trip to North Carolina to see my girlfriend and family, airfare (I really miss my boyfriend :<) and a car repair (I had to replace my wheel locks and get my tires rotated...$100+).  Where did this money come from? "Car note" money, of course! Hence, my comment about "other things" =)

Student Loan: (+98.69)  Nothing extraordinary going on here. Not too long ago, I talked about increasing my payment amount to $268.91. Well, I didn't get around to including the difference between the scheduled $229.21 payment and the theoretical amount ($268.91).

That's all, folks!

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