Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank Goodness I'm Out of School!

If, like school, my attendance was recorded on this blog, I'd probably be failing. I haven't posted in two weeks! Which is especially terrible since I post twice a week. Nevertheless, I will share what I have been up to.....spending money recklessly and not so recklessly.

The reckless part comes into play because my financial decisions over the past two weeks have effectively set my car payoff date back by a month. A large part of this is because I spent $1,010.31 (I negotiated this down from the original quote) to get my tie-rod and rear struts replaced (this is the "not so reckless" part of my spending). The rest of my car payment money (and then some) was spent on spa services ($188), dinner ($55), hair supplies ($20 and change), airfare, eating out (including Dunkin Donuts), and a new pair of sneakers ($44), among other things. 

Why the splurge? Why the major deviation from "the plan"? Frankly, there's no excuse, yet, I found myself justifying expenses because it was my birthday. Yup. I turned 27 years old last week. And unlike previous birthday celebrations, I did not plan for this one. No trip out of town. No dinner with my beau. Nothing. It was quite depressing. I guess that saying about money not being able to buy you happiness is true....I sure made an attempt at it (enter sad face).
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Now it's time to refocus and get back on track. No more emotional spending, no more failing to plan and trying to make up for it at the last minute.

Have you ever made emotional purchases? Splurged in an effort to "fill a hole?" What was the consequence?

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