Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loose Change

The past 30 days have been kind of crazy. Compared to previous months of spending, I can say that my most recent spending has been out-of-control. Most of my purchases have been for food, namely eating out. Yesterday, I was faced with the temptation of getting yet another coffee from DD (Dunkin' Dounuts). For a split second, I reflected on my spending for the month and decided I would feel better if the money didn't come out of my bank account or wasn't charged to my credit card. What option did I have remaining? Short of asking someone else to pay for my indulgence, I went to my piggy bank. I cracked that sucker in half (I didn't break it, it splits down the middle to open and close) and selected 8 quarters. 

I found myself grabbing for my Visa a few times (out of habit I guess) and it was kind of weird handing the cashier the coins. Nevertheless, I experienced a sense of accomplishment knowing that that I wouldn't have to look for this expense when reconciling my expense tracker and bank and credit card statements. It was like free money!

Although my piggy bank is small, I'm happy to have it. In the few instances when I do use cash, I find myself depositing my change at the end of the day (too many coins weigh down my wrislet and I don't care for having to sort through the extra stuff). I don't have any plans for my piggy bank, such as savings or going out to a movie. Maybe I should. Perhaps only then I would become a little more intentional about using my piggy bank.
What do you do with your loose change? 
Do you have a particular purpose for it? 
How do you store it?*
*My mother has ziploc bags of coins around the house. It's kind of crazy.

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