Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update: Roth, Car and Wants

To date, I've fretted about Roth contributions, using savings to keep up with $1k+ car payments and a list of wants. Well, here's a brief update:
  • Roth: I have not made any changes to my budget to redirect funds to my Roth account. So far, I'm saying "screw it." I'll be able to satisfy the $5,000 maximum contribution for 2011.
  • Savings for Car Payment: You have likely read that I placed myself in the possible predicament of using my savings to pay my car note because I used a substantial portion of car payment money to pay off my credit card. Well, I haven't moved any money from savings (my ING balance is around $1200) and my credit card still has no balance. As previously reported, my balance for the car note is just north of $8,000.
  • My wants: In the "It's My Budget! Part 3 of 3" post, I listed the following wants and needs: max out my Roth IRA ($3,883.75 remaining); pay for a trip to the Caribbean to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday ($500); set aside money for my boyfriend’s birthday ($300), buy new clothes ($250); vehicle window tinting ($200-$250); and repair the crack in my windshield (I’m guessing $100-$200). Well, you already know about the Roth... I'm diligently saving for my girlfriend's birthday celebration in January (approximately $200/month)... I'm quite a bit unsure about what exactly I'm going to do for my boyfriend's birthday; whatever it is, I have to be realistic about it and make sure I plan for it :) Purchasing new clothes doesn't have to be a bulk purchase type of thing. Recently, I went to a discount clothing store and purchased a few items (I spent $37.07). The money came from the $66.80 reimbursement I received from work... I can postpone the window tinting. I'm likely to get it done for a much cheaper price if I looked outside the metro area that I live in... And the crack in my windshield? I got a quote for $114.95 + taxes. Now I just have to find the time to get it fixed!
What are your thoughts? Would you do the same thing if you were in my shoes?

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