Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vacation Spending

I've been looking for a little inspiration for today's post. I've been on vacation for the past several days, so my routine of writing and posting has been thrown off (sorry about that!) But in the midst of my relaxation, I've uncovered the motivation to share today :)

I had been planning this vacation since October/November 2010. In addition to intently reading Trip Advisor reviews and making reservations, planning has included setting aside money for lodging, food, excursions, and even a few souvenirs. Part one of my vacation has ended, and I've gone over budget by $100 because I failed to include transportation in the expenses; otherwise, I would've been right on target. As I think about part two of my vacation, I wonder how realistic my budget will be. Just as I had done with the first part of my trip, I failed to include transportation costs. I am also left to wonder if I will have the benefit of shopping at a local grocer to make purchases that will help with the food portion of the budget (sandwiches and granola bars for lunch, anyone?) 

Fortunately, I have some cushion in my checking account to cover any expenses that go above my budget for the upcoming part of my trip. I should mention that part of this "cushion" will be spent for food and gas when I return to work next week. Luckily, I have a 4-day work week, a tank full of gas, and a plan to pack lunch [everyday next week]; in other words, I won't sweat part two of the vacation too much. I'll keep you posted =)

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