Thursday, May 19, 2011

No More Posts About My Car Note Until...

I won't write any more posts about my car note until the balance is zero. I got so frustrated the other day when I spent and additional $335.06 on GG. The same old story: I go in for an oil change (with my coupon, of course) and come out with a list of things to fix. "Fortunately", I spent $100 less than what was estimated.

Nevertheless, my many car repairs, and other unplanned expenses, have postponed my payoff date. When I started writing about this issue, I anticipated a payoff date of May 2012, then February 2011, then April 2011, then October 2011, then July 2011, then August 2011. Currently, it's September 28, 2011. We'll see about that. I failed to plan for this car note elimination thing to be a moving target. In the meantime, I will avoid obsessing over the matter. You won't read another post about this darn note until it's paid for!

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  1. Maybe you could do a once a month post. Providing updates