Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too Soon?

Lately, I've been obsessing over what my budget will look like once I pay off my car. Assuming that I remain on track, this new budget will take effect May 2011. Nevertheless, I've plotted out what to do with the $1055 I would NOT be spending on a car note. So far, I've come up with a combination of the following expenses:
  • Increase the amount I pay on my student loan from $230 to $350 (the standard repayment amount; currently, I am on a graduated payment plan) .
    • Increase my student loan payment to $400
    • Increase my student loan payment to $500
  • Set aside $810 in my ING Direct account. In addition to the $25 I set aside in my Bank of America savings account, a total of $835 towards savings accounts will yield  $6680 by the end of 2011, and $10,020 over the course of 12 months. One of the goals I've set for myself includes having $10,000 in emergency savings.
  • Set aside $625/month (from May to December) to max out Roth.
    • Set aside $200/month for Roth.
  • Set aside$200/month to travel.
    • Set aside $100/month to travel
  • Set aside $258/month for miscellaneous expenses which may include Roth, fun stuff, additional savings, additional principal payments for student loans, and who knows what else.
I'm sure it would be helpful to see the variety of scenarios I've plotted out, but I assure you that that's an exercise in futility. You see, I've drafted more than 15 of the various budget scenarios, some in my handy-dandy composition notebook, others on index cards, backs of envelopes, and other random pieces of paper. The recurring themes, however, are that I set aside a hefty chunk for savings (especially since I haven't been doing so while eliminating this car note) and paying more than the $230 currently requested of me to pay my student loan. By the way, I my current payoff amount is $30,801.65. Yikes!

What would you do with the "new" budget?

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